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 Jubilee News uncovers the “supernatural divine interventions"  that are not regularly reported on by the secular media.  

     Jubilee News documents the “experience of the miracle,” and

 tracks the supernatural pathway that makes the miracle the miracle. 

     Sold on news racks in Giant Eagle stores in SW PA, Jubilee News gives God a voice in the world of media. 

     Thanks to the ones WHO BELIEVE IN WHAT WE ARE DOING,  Jubilee News is placed into medical waiting areas in PA and West Virginia area thanks to donations. 

     As we expand, we embrace all methods of distribution.

   *Jubilee News began publishing on September 23rd, 2006. 

"Celebration of Life" is in the B section of Jubilee News, reporting on legacies of the departed as well as stories exhibiting people's miraculous entry into the world and divine life experiences. 

      Jubilee News believes that you are here IN purpose, FOR a purpose and ON purpose.  

This August/September, 2018 issue honors:

 Harry Maughan, who passed away May 12, 2018. Read about what preceded his transition to Heaven! The many supernatural signs given to two loving daughters, led to Harry's peaceful and joyous departure to his new address in Heaven. This is a remarkable story of how our life does not end here, but continues in the hereafter.

Faith Renee Dowler is being remembered once again for the many seeds she left behind that continues to grow because of the love she had for people. However, Faith's departure to Heaven came suddenly when she was taken in a vehicle collision on September 9th, 2016.  It was fitting to republish her tribute from 2016, featuring more photos, and the transcript of what was to be her "high school graduation ceremony" as her life was memorialized before the student body.  

2018 Aug/Sept jubilee news trailer

Good things are happening in SW Pennsylvania!  Take a peek and "Get Inspired"!

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HEADLINES: "My family went through 

a brutal attack, but my life was spared.” These are the words of Tina Doose, who happens to be the Council President of Braddock Boro.  Her story shows everyone what "forgiveness" looks like. An inspiration to many, Tina relives what it was like when she was brutally stabbed as a teen. It's a story that holds surprises and of course a miracle that leads into what is happening today in a place called: "Braddock Boro" in Pennsylvania.

(Belle Vernon, PA) Matthew Keffer, a 2018 graduate, carries with him a reminder of times long ago when he was a child.  His story is a reminder to all of us of the destiny we carry within us from the time we were in our mother's womb. His 7th birthday memory holds a key for him today, and provides a valuable message to his single mother who raised him.  

(Unity Twp.) A young woman named Meah, renamed the largest brain tumor that was discovered within her that was tackled by a team of surgeons from UPMC. Today, she eats ice cream, believing that a "brain freeze" will finish the job that the surgeons began. An ice cream establishment (Cone Zone in Latrobe, PA) created an ice cream treat in her honor! But the story gets even better!  Discover the significance of renaming the tumor and how her attitude is providing a victory beyond compare!

(New Stanton, PA.) Val Dahlem and Teddy, her son recalls an unforgettable and unusual miracle that took place during a mission trip to the Barrier Islands in North Carolina.  Spoken publicly for the first time, the transcript of her story has now been published. Absolutely nothing is impossible to those who believe!  Ask Val and Teddy!

Reinzi Santiago had a revelation from God Himself as to how technology will be used in the last days. in 2012, he began to talk about it publicly.  Today, he produced a movie that is now available for groups to view.  It's called "Perilous Times".  The most important message he is relaying is that there is a wonderful security for those who follow Jesus!  This article will show you how this all came about. 

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