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Grace Ministries International, Inc. is a nonprofit 501c3 ministry to the nations and the Home of "Jubilee News", "Grace Community Worship Center" and "C'mon Jesus!".  Together, we minister out of a "Five-Fold Ministry-Base" to groups, both large and small. We support missions and  regularly support prison ministry by providing Bibles and issues of Jubilee News into the prison system. We organize events and celebrations that host the "Manifest Presence of God" that people will be renewed, refreshed, delivered and healed to fulfill their destinies on earth. 

Our Vision Statement is:   

To inspire and release healing to the nations by effectively sharing through word, media and creative strategies, through our relationship with Jesus Christ that enables us to be His Presence Carriers that exemplifies the Love of the Father for all His children. 

About Us

Jubilee News

Jubilee News is a Community Outreach Newspaper that believes in the moral fiber and the foundational truth of our forefathers in the United States of America, as it captures divine happenings that occur in people's lives on a regular basis through their faith and allegiance to God the Father in Christ Jesus (Yeshua).

Jubilee News covers real life experiences of people who were in dire straits and desperate circumstances who were miraculously brought through.  Jubilee News records and tracks the path of the miraculous bringing to light positive results that instills hope, inspiration and peace into a world that can sometimes be pretty dark and hopeless. 

Sold on store racks in Giant Eagle  grocery stores and selected PA stores, courtesy copies of Jubilee News are also made available in various medical waiting areas, nursing homes and prisons in and out of the State of Pennsylvania thanks to caring sponsors.

Individual mail subscriptions along with group and church subscriptions are also available. 

Grace Community Worship Center


A unique worship center of "Grace"  celebrating all Faiths, will be going up soon--a sanctified place to gather for "healing of the body, soul and spirit" as worship goes to a NEW level. 

The atmosphere won't be able to contain the sound and move of worship unleashed in this environment. It has been prophesied "They’re going to come from the north, south, east and the west to watch this ministry burn."  

There will also be a creative edge to many of the gatherings, bringing into display visual experiences that will ignite the people to engage at a deeper level. There will be ministry to the five senses as people will be able to taste, see, smell, touch, hear and experience the FULLNESS of the Spirit of God in all His Splendor.      

"C'mon Jesus!"

A "Grace" ministry that possesses and then provides the key to freedom as the "Love of the Father" is brought to light that “Dad” is a good Daddy who wants His kids to be completely set free!  

 Ray Domachowski who heads up this ministry, “C’mon Jesus!”  functions in an apostolic anointing and moves fluently in the prophetic. His unique anointing is divinely contagious, stirring up a hunger to know the Love of God. 

Encounters experienced during and even after these anointed gatherings, linger as transformation takes place in the lives of the people who heard and then received what the Holy Spirit brought forth. As people are set free, one can't help but shout: "C'mon Jesus!"   

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